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The First Lee Creek Trail Ride

By Jim Cooperman and Barrie Warkentin (in bold)

Pausing for the camera, en route on a logging road – Eric Lutjen with Jon on Melody, Barrie on Sahara with Aaron, Mary on Ben with Beverly, Debbie on Biscayne with Molly and Larry on Whiskey with Mary Lou. Barrie’s  truck, the Red Devil, on the right, photo by Jim Cooperman

In August 1972, four young families headed up a logging road to a mountain plateau with five horses and friends in support vehicles to camp, explore and party around campfires. Over five days and four nights they enjoyed rides across sub-alpine meadows, picked wild berries, and endured cold rainy weather cramped together in an old cabin.

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Construction sector is a key local economic driver

Another home being built in one of Salmon Arm’s most scenic subdivisions

A true local economic driver is a sector that brings in money from outside the community, rather than a sector that either recirculates money within the community or removes it to pay for goods that come from afar. Although the retail sector likely employs the most people, the three largest economic drivers in the Shuswap are pensions and investment incomes, government jobs and construction.

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Musical reviews by and for the community

Lorn McCausland, Randy Arzenault, Elaine Holmes and Fred Green belt out a song for the Everything Animals show in 2016 (Shan Saatchi in background)

Rehearsals are in full swing for Wildwood Production’s musical show, the seventh in its series. This year’s event features the music of one of America’s favourite singer-songwriters, Pete Seeger, with all proceeds going to support the proposed multi-functional Shuswap Performing Arts and Cultural Centre. Since the first production in 2012 dedicated to the centennial of famed folk artist Woody Guthrie, this ad-hoc group of dedicated volunteers has raised over $16,000 for worthwhile local community causes.

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