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A blog to help you explore Shuswap geography by Jim Cooperman, author of Everything Shuswap. Includes his newspaper columns with more images and information that did not appear in print, as well as other commentaries and memoirs.

These blogs include details, photos and other information that do not appear in the newspaper.
Additionally, there are blogs that provide passionate, insightful commentary on politics, economics, environmental issues and culture.

Meet Jim

Jim Cooperman

Author, Photographer, Explorer, Blogger

Author of the local best seller, Everything Shuswap, Jim moved to the Shuswap in 1969 as a war resister and a back-to-the-lander, after receiving his BA from the University of California at Berkeley. Over the succeeding years, Jim taught school, worked in construction and log building, operated a sawmill, and edited a provincial environmental journal, the BC Environmental Report.

His local environmental work led to the protection of over 25,000 hectares of new parks in the Shuswap, which is documented in the book, Big Trees Saved, by Deanna Kawatski. He has researched and written about local history and helped initiate and edit the local history journal, Shuswap Chronicles I and II. In 1993, he wrote the Chapter on Canada in Clearcut – The Tragedy of Industrial Forestry. And in 1998, he wrote Keeping the Special in Special Management Zones, A Citizens’ Guide, published by BC Spaces for Nature.

Jim lives with his wife, Kathleen, in a log home they built on 40 acres above Shuswap Lake, where they raised five children. His column, “Shuswap Passion,” appears every two weeks in either the Shuswap Market News or the Salmon Arm Observer. Additionally, his YouTube channel has over 100 videos, including many that showcase live music, skiing and Shuswap geography.