Author Jim Cooperman, a dedicated environmentalist and back-to-the-lander, spent 12 years researching and writing this comprehensive, bioregional guidebook that includes 36 maps and over 350 stunning photos. Tour through the watershed and explore the lakes region and each of the 12 sub-drainages. Learn about the region’s ancient geology and its mostly unsuccessful mining ventures.  Discover why the Shuswap is so ecologically diverse and why mountain caribou are endangered and how the sockeye salmon may be next.

Learn about the Secwepemc people, who have lived on this land since time immemorial and understand why, after nearly two centuries of exploitation and mistreatment, they are regaining their heritage. Understand the factors behind the pattern of European settlement and discover details about the sternwheeler era.

The Shuswap has all the attributes to attract someone who enjoys four seasons – nature, clean water, recreation, and culture and reasonably close access to larger cities. There is an amazing diversity of plant and animal life here and thankfully due to the small population, a minimum of pavement, crowds and pollution.  Yet until 2017, there has been little written about the region.

This is a new edition, with added material and updated information, including an Epilogue about the forest fires that ravaged Anstey-Hunakwa and Momich Provincial Parks.

Everything Shuswap has five chapters: A tour through the watershed, A look at Geology, Ecology, the Secwépemc People, and History of Settlement. It includes an full index and an extensive bibliography.

Given that Dr. David Suzuki wrote after receiving a copy, “Every part of the country should have something like Everything Shuswap,” the book could also be a template for other regions to emulate.

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