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Stories of those who were lured by gold

Emerging from George Hood’s cabin with a 19576 newspaper addressed to George

While little is known about those who panned for gold in Scotch Creek during the first and second gold rushes, there are still old-timers around who remember the solitary men who lived in crude cabins and barely made wages in their quest for the motherlode. Except for the walk on the flat ground just south of the forks, searching for their cabins has been challenging, due to the steep ground, fallen trees and thick bush. It is no doubt that these gold miners were a tough breed who could endure the hardships, the loneliness, and strenuous work.

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The third Scotch Creek gold rush

 Chinese diggings at Scotch Creek

After three exploratory hikes in the Scotch Creek gold country, I look forward to at least another one because there are still more historical sites to document. So far, the remains of four Chinese cabins and more recent cabins have been located, along with many examples of old hand diggings including large piles of rocks, pits and channels. North Shuswap old-timer Larry Speed was my guide for a tour of the area near the forks, where as a youngster he had seen the abandoned placer mining operations that began in the early 1930s.

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