Monthly Archives: August 2014

A strategy to improve Shuswap food security

Agriculture has long been part of the Shuswap’s heritage, one of Silver Creek’s many old farmhouses

Local supermarket shelves overflow with food, but given the projected impacts of climate change this may not be the case in the future unless more efforts are made to improve food security in the Shuswap. As droughts intensify south of the border, local farmers in conjunction with local government have developed a plan to address the growing need to improve and expand the Shuswap agricultural sector and to the south in the North Okanagan, another plan is being formulated.
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A look back at the development of the regional district parks program

View from the hiking trail in the Blind Bay Hills

The Shuswap is fortunate to have so many unique and diverse regional district parks, from trails, to playgrounds, beaches, bike parks, campgrounds and conservation areas. But this was not always the case, as it took a fair amount of advocacy efforts, followed by public consultation and planning to create the impressive park system that we enjoy and appreciate now. One of the catalysts to the development of the system was the effort to halt the proposed clearcutting of the Blind Bay hills and above Gardom Lake.

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