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The fascinating Sinmax Creek Valley – Ranching and mining near Adams Lake


Squam Bay School, (photo by beavercarl)

There is a well-used shortcut between the Shuswap and the North Thompson that utilizes the recently upgraded logging road above Adams Lake and then turns west at Agate Bay (also known as Squaam Bay) on a paved road that goes to Louis Creek and the Yellowhead Highway just south of Barriere. This small, narrow ranching valley, where Sinmax Creek flows from the petite Forest Lake to Adams Lake, is often overlooked as being part of the Shuswap. Yet despite its small size, it deserves attention due to its unique history and mineral resources.

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Shuswap’s internationally renowned Chief George Manuel

There are few Shuswap residents that have achieved provincial recognition, and fewer still that have attained either national or international prominence. It has been said that some men seek greatness, others are called upon and some are destined for greatness. It has been said that Chief George Manuel was destined to greatness. Although he passed away in 1989, his legacy of fighting for Aboriginal Rights lives on through the Centre for World Indigenous Studies that he helped establish in 1984, where the library is named after him.
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