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A moose tale like no other – population in decline

There is nothing like catching sight of a massive moose to evoke a sense of fascination and awe, but given the current moose population decline caused in part by climate change, such an experience may become far less likely. And yearning for the good old days of abundance would be a misunderstanding, as moose are a recent migrant to the Shuswap and the entire southern interior of the province.
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Gleneden was once a Finnish community

Ski-jumping event at the Gleneden Hall in the 1930, photo courtesy of Salmon Arm Museum and Heritage Association

While it is now a rural suburb of Salmon Arm, Gleneden was once a thriving Finnish farming community where residents shared a passion for sports, theatre, potlucks, music and other social activities. According to Hans Kusisto, the son of one of the area’s early Finnish pioneers, it was the first settler, Emerson Bowman, who chose the name Gleneden, as the valley reminded him of a glen back in his native country England and he deemed that its paradise nature was like the biblical Eden.
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