Monthly Archives: September 2013

At the centre of the Shuswap – Cinnemousun Narrows

It was a delightful way to finish off the summer, paddling to the ‘centre’ of the Shuswap to experience the unique geographical vibes of the Cinnemousun Narrows. Normally, the Narrows is where the motorized crowd hangs out, as it is the busiest stretch of our waterways. We had thought that since this was the second week of September that most of the tourists would be gone and we could enjoy some peace and tranquility in this very special area, but at the Narrows there was still a bustling plethora of houseboats, speedboats, sea-dos and yachts.
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What happened to dancing?

Roots and Blues Festival Boogie Barn dance scene

Despite the enormous increase in opportunities to hear live music in the Shuswap, there has been an unfortunate decline in community dances. A number of factors have resulted in the decline, including more stringent rules and regulations, more expensive fees for use of facilities, and a waning of interest in dancing. This situation was certainly not always the case, as the Shuswap has a long history of dancing.

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