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Sol Full Daze

Eagle Pass Landing – Another Shuswap frontier boomtown

Eagle Pass Landing in 1886, Maynard photo courtesy of the BC Archives and the Kamloops Art Gallery

While the story of the Shuswap’s first town of Seymour City (Ogdenville) that was built and mostly abandoned in just one year, 1866, is fairly well known; fewer people are aware that in that same year the town Eagle Pass Landing was also built at the mouth of the Eagle River. The story begins in July 1865 when Governor Seymour was concerned about the need for a trail from Ogdenville to the Big Bend gold fields on the Columbia River.

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More creative economic development ideas

The multiple economic benefits that could be achieved by paying better attention to changing demographics was the focus of the last column and this strategy has been at the center of University of Toronto economics professor David Foot’s work. His series of books, “Boom, Bust and Echo,” demonstrate the power of demographics to help understand the past and predict the future. In a 2008 article, Foot explained how small towns will benefit as many Boomers will seek a slower paced life upon retirement where they can enjoy nature, culture and a lower cost lifestyle.

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An economic development plan for Salmon Arm

Graphs courtesy of Footwork Consulting (David Foot)

There is no doubt that a great deal of effort went into producing the Salmon Arm Economic Development Society’s (SAEDS) 5-year Economic Development Plan. However the plan misses some key opportunities that mesh with one of the main drivers of our local economy. The consultants that prepared the plan, Miller, Dickenson and Blais, reviewed data, interviewed local businesses and held planning sessions with city staff and politicians. The resulting plan does provide a blueprint for many key actions that would help to boost our local economy.
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