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Hiking with the deities at Joss Mountain

“Instructions for living a life: Pay attention, Be astonished, Tell about it.” This was the short poem by Mary Oliver that Trail Alliance executive director Phil McIntyre-Paul read to us as we paused during our September 15th hike up to Joss Mountain Lake. We had no trouble paying attention, as one had to in order to stay on the steep, narrow trail and it was easy to be astonished by the magnificent alpine views. Now it is my turn to tell about it!

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Joss Mountain Hike, September 15, 2012

Adams River trail bliss

With all the attention given to the new trails in the Shuswap, it is easy to overlook the well-established ones. We are fortunate to live close to some of the best of these trails, along the lower Adams River in Roderick Haig-Brown Park. The other day I rode my mountain bike from the bridge up to the northern end of the park at Gold Creek along the river and then returned on the Packer Trail, which hugs the hillside above the river. Continue reading

Roots and Blues 2012

Lee Creek Unicycle

Exploring the heart of the Adams River watershed

After decades of desire, we finally made the nearly four hour long drive up to Tumtum Lake to camp, canoe and explore the area. Upon first sight of the lake its beauty astounded us, as its deep turquoise colour and its alpine mountain backdrop reminded us of Lake Louise.

Tumtum Lake splendor

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