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What makes the Shuswap unique?

What makes the Shuswap unique?

One of the enjoyable parts of spending time at a backcountry lodge is chatting with the other skiers from around the country and the world. Last week, a businessman from Vancouver asked me about Salmon Arm, because some of his friends are thinking of retiring here soon. I asked him what are the reasons his friends have for planning to move here. There was of course the obvious; our huge clean, warm lake and the other two are the great music scene and the bike trails. Contrary to what some locals believe, shopping opportunities are clearly not part of their decision-making!

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Sol Powder – Ides of March

Exciting, fast action video clips from our March 11-18 trip to the Sol Mountain Ski Lodge, along with a few live music clips and some scenic stills and photos of skiers and a young snowboarder. Many thanks to Aaron Cooperman for some of the footage and his help with the editing. Also thanks to Riel MacBoudreau for some of the stills and to Mike and Dave Moore and Simon Reeves for their Go-Pro cam footage. Plus a huge thank you to Sylvain Vallee for providing his song, Roller Coaster for the soundtrack. You can learn more about his music at

Poetic Musings from the backcountry skiing uptrack

I found a fun way to fill the time during the hours it takes to climb the backcountry mountain uptracks prior to skiing back down in the thick, soft powder snow. It is a challenging mental exercise to choose the words and then remember them until back at the lodge where I keyboard them into the laptop. Enjoy!

Nonsensical Procreations

It was the image of someone contemplating tomorrow’s dreams filled with yesterday’s desires that caught the imagination of no one in particular, but everyone who matters. Continue reading

Tar Sands and

A comprehensive PowerPoint presentation about the Tar Sands and the proposed Northern Gateway Pipelines and oil tankers on B.C.’s northern coastline. It provides nearly everything one needs to know about the massive project that would pose major threats to B.C.’s environment and economy. To learn more, visit,,, and

Sign the online No-tankers petition here: