I found a fun way to fill the time during the hours it takes to climb the backcountry mountain uptracks prior to skiing back down in the thick, soft powder snow. It is a challenging mental exercise to choose the words and then remember them until back at the lodge where I keyboard them into the laptop. Enjoy!

Nonsensical Procreations

It was the image of someone contemplating tomorrow’s dreams filled with yesterday’s desires that caught the imagination of no one in particular, but everyone who matters.

And as these thoughts drifted aimlessly across the annals of time, there emerged reasons for everything and excuses for nothing, yet for those who questioned there was an endless supply of tortured tentacles filled with mindless wisdom.

But from beneath the overwhelming sense of insecurity, a powerful timeless version of reality strode forth to further the unmentionable and existential resounding lessons that carry one forward towards unworldly notions of fist stomping visions.

If one were to carry on with such insanity, there might always be those who want remain uninvolved and motionless, while serving others with no semblance of any mission to pursue life, as we know it to be.

So alas, its best to keep on keeping on, and never hesitate to believe in the magic of what one cannot see, while seeking serenity in the essence of the in between and surrounding oneself with the wonders of all that is mystical.

A Pernicious Moment

There is no sanctity here cried the precocious priest as he strode side-saddle across the frozen wasteland of an alternate reality.

But it is all about the resistance so said the prophecy aside our convoluted, cluttered insecure world, where bankers, lawyers and resource executives wreak havoc and destruction as they plunder yet more profits.

Alas the mutterings continue from beneath the mouldy appendages:

We should save it,

We can save it,

We shall save it

As they bend ever lower beneath the worried weight of too much knowledge, too many tempests and too few levels of understanding.

And yet there are too many versions and too many answers, but too few questions about where, about who, about why and about what tomorrow will bring.

So just stand up, rise above the masses and get real while caring on despite the pitfalls and the bumps in the road.

There is a reason and there is a rationale, whatever the purpose, whatever the cause. Above and beyond, below and above, life will prevail.

Procrastination Picnic

Hanging out at the procrastination picnic, eager for symptoms and ever ready to hesitate, while serendipitous visions of holographic journeys float endlessly by…

Holding tenuously on to everything you hold dear and letting go of all that is near, it’s time to give up on all one’s enduring inhibitions while holding fast to your inner premonitions.

It takes just so much muscle to carry the memories needed to evoke one’s fears and desires of everything heeded for times like these.

But nonetheless, wherever your mind wanders, there is always another fork in the road and another road less traveled

So pursue your dreams whatever the cost, whatever the price and as long as there is time it will be worth the wait

For one person’s endless delay is just another one’s brief moment

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Everything Shuswap

by Jim Cooperman

Everything Shuswap explores the region’s rich eco-types and its interwoven historical record. It’s a textbook for understanding one of the most beautiful and least understood landscapes and it should be mandatory reading for anyone who lives in or visits the Shuswap.” – Mark Hume, author of Adam’s River and other books