Monthly Archives: October 2020

English Creek now a bouldering destination

photo by William Eaton


[This is the second part of a column about a landscape southeast of Three-Valley Gap that conservationists first learned about from local foresters and was subsequently protected in the Okanagan Shuswap Land and Resource Management Planning process five years later.] 

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The English Creek magical landscape

John Vivian examines one of the giant boulders, photo by Jim Cooperman


It had been twenty-five years since the last time I visited one of the truly magical areas in the Shuswap, the English Creek valley southeast of Three-Valley Gap. Two intrepid local adventurers, Blaine Carson and John Vivian joined me recently for the tour into a landscape fitting for the imaginary world of the Hobbits, on a 1.3-kilometre long trail along English Creek that winds around massive boulders covered in thick moss underneath giant old growth cedar and hemlock trees. Amidst the wonder, we found small signs that designated climbing routes, as this valley had also become a destination for the sport of bouldering.

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Visualizing a better future for the Shuswap

Fall harvest time in the Salmon River Valley, photo by Jim Cooperman

It may take a year or two, but eventually the pandemic will likely be gone and life will return to some level of normalcy. While the Shuswap has so far been fortunate to avoid many health consequences, the impact on our economy and our social lives continues to be problematic. As well, the disease has exposed many of the flaws in our society that need to be addressed during the recovery.

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