Monthly Archives: August 2020

Black Henbane – a Shuswap botanical phenomenon

The first photo taken of the mysterious plant discovered in our new garden

This spring we brought in a small excavator to create a new raspberry patch below our largest vegetable garden, which involved spreading a long, massive mound of dirt that was created from piling weeds over a few decades. When it came time to do the first weeding, I discovered some strange looking plants and after pulling most of them, I decided to identify one using a phone app.

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Discovered Roaring Twenties painting shows how history repeats

Searches for many topics related to the Shuswap often end up at my blog site, where there are hundreds of articles. Recently, Lawrence McWilliams from Whidbey Island, Washington was looking for more information about the artist, Jerome Howard Smith, who had signed the painting found hidden in a ceiling by his parents in 1967. After reading my blog about the famous artist who lived in Chase over 100 years ago, he contacted me with hope of learning more.

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