Monthly Archives: November 2018

Cannabis – from underground to mainstream

Cannabis production has been a fixture in the local economy for nearly four decades, although until recently the benefits were largely underground. Much like alcohol during prohibition, fortunes were made with some of the money going to create or support local businesses and hundreds of people made good wages tending plants and clipping buds for the underground market. Soon there will be three, large scale production facilities in the Shuswap producing legal cannabis for medicine, pets and recreational use.

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Gardom Lake Community Park in jeopardy

Why is it that success can sometimes lead to conflict and possible failure? That is certainly the case at Gardom Lake, where a strong sense of community spirit has resulted in decades of successful management of the 40-acre community park that includes a beach, two islands and a ballpark. Although hundreds of people enjoy the well-kept grounds and beach access, a disgruntled few who would prefer seeing half the beach area turned into a boat launch has likely pushed the provincial government to end its support for this community gem.

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