Monthly Archives: October 2018

What happened to this year’s salmon run?

The familiar adage, ‘the only thing constant is change’ certainly applies this year to the Adams River. For many visitors the question was, “where are all the salmon?” as viewing opportunities were limited because the river changed course, and the channel that runs by the new viewing platform was reduced in flow so that only dozens of fish could be seen. Overall, despite earlier predictions of millions, the final number could be lower than the 707,000 that returned in the 2014 brood year.
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Restoration is Reconciliation

This massive slide on the Fifth Creek above the Anstey River occurred in 1990

Watershed restoration is the focus of a conference in Kamloops from November 13 to 14 at Thompson Rivers University. This meeting is to prepare for a new initiative that is slated to bring many millions of dollars to the Province for rehabilitating watersheds and forests impacted by fires, floods and damaging land use practices. The last time significant funds were invested in restoration was from 1994 until 2002 through Forest Renewal.
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