Monthly Archives: July 2015

The tip of the melting iceberg

Early in the spring, an expert on the radio explained how this summer would resemble what the near future will be like due to climate change. So far, his prediction has rung true, with smoking hot temperatures throughout the province, an early and pervasive forest fire season and now severe drought. So far, the Shuswap has been relatively unscathed, but we have two months to go before the fire season is over and there is uncontrolled fire near Falkland.

            Bolean Lake wildfire, photo from BC Forest Service
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Life’s a beach during a Shuswap summer

Nice sand at Mara Provincial Park and a large lawn with picnic tables

The T-shirt motto, “Life’s a Beach” certainly applies to a Shuswap summer, when residents and tourists alike flock to the shores of Shuswap Lake to enjoy the sun, the water and the scenery.  But since not all beaches are created equal, there are some that are definitely better than others.

There are certain criteria that can be used to rank Shuswap and Mara Lake shorelines for summertime pleasures.  Key factors for ranking the beaches include: sand, access, cleanliness and temperature of water, depth of water, safe swimming, nearby hiking trails, shade availability, lack of weeds and peacefulness.  Since the vast majority of the lakes’ shorelines are either steep or rocky, the ideal beaches are rather few and far between.

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