Monthly Archives: January 2015

A brief look at the history of Lee Creek

              Isobel McKay with Barbara, Rory and baby Kenneth in front of their       first log house at McKay Bay near the corner

The history of the tiny, unincorporated community of Lee Creek, home to the world famous Adams River salmon run, serves as a prime example of how the Shuswap was settled and the determinants for success. The four key factors behind the viability of every rural community were economic capability, ethnic background, social cohesiveness and the individual strengths of pioneers. Lee Creek, like many other rural Shuswap communities, excelled in all but economics, as families depended upon income from work outside the community, which lacked extensive farmland.

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New Year’s crystal ball

      Valley fog and lack of snow in December may become the new normal

Looking forward to the New Year can spark us to ponder about what the future holds for the Shuswap. Certainly the old adage, “be careful about what you wish for” rings true with this week’s “snowmaggedon” when many skiers yearned for snow after our green solstice. Will we face more extreme weather patterns that trigger damaging erosion events? Will the unanticipated drop in oil prices impact the flow of Alberta money into our economy? And will we once again avoid destructive wildfires or massive algae blooms?

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