Monthly Archives: January 2012

Memories of the frozen lake

January 27, 2012

As climate change intensifies and winters continue to become warmer, whenever we do manage to get some cold weather and snow it is amazing to hear some people complain. Too often many of us forget how the pioneers endured far more severe weather, without the technological advancements used to keep us warm today. This picture, recently found in a box of archival photos, provides us with much to reflect upon when it comes to winters in the Shuswap.

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Another winter of discontent

January 13, 2011

Does anyone remember the predictions that this winter was slated to be colder than normal? Instead it looks like we are experiencing a repeat of the 2009-10 winter, with warm temperatures and rain instead of snow. Whereas last spring the concern due to the high snowpack was for flooding, this spring we could be looking at drought, along with a longer and more intense forest fire season. Already, there are reports of large grass fires in Alberta! And this wacky, warm, dry weather is occurring now across North America and Europe with many records being broken.

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