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Shuswap Economy Prequel

Two of the Shuswap’s most renowned summer residents were known in Canada for their contributions to history. Philip and Helen Akrigg published numerous books on British Columbia history, including British Columbia Chronicles and a number of editions of British Columbia Place Names. And as self-publishing pioneers, they were the first recipients of B.C.’s Heritage Award. I was fortunate to work with them when I co-edited the first few editions of the Shuswap Chronicles. And they were solid supporters for Shuswap environmental causes.

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How best to boost the Shuswap economy

In these days of economic turmoil, it is difficult to devise initiatives that would help boost our local economy. Certainly, the efforts of Salmon Arm and the CSRD economic development agencies to promote our region as a wonderful place to live and work can help to attract new businesses. However, there just are not that many businesses these days that are looking for a new community to build a manufacturing facility or set up a new office. Something else is needed that is different from what other communities are doing.

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