Neglect – The latest crisis in B.C.’s forests

Neglect -  The latest crisis in B.C.’s forests
Forthcoming in the March-April 2012 Watershed Sentinel ( )

In 1985, the rapidly growing amount of not-satisfactorily-restocked (NSR) land in B.C. forests became a crisis. This resulted in a joint provincial and federal $300-million funding plan, the Forest Resource Development Agreement (FRDA) that restocked many thousands of hectares.
A similar crisis is again occurring in B.C.’s forests, but this time the cause is not logging by irresponsible forest companies. Instead, the massive amount of NSR land is a result of climate-change fueled fires, diseases and beetle kill. Government policies that have stripped the ministry of employees, ended adequate inventory efforts, and handed forest management over to the corporations have exacerbated the problems.
To read the rest – go to The Latest Crisis in B.C.’s Forests

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