Monthly Archives: July 2019

North Shuswap lumberjacks extraordinaire

Carson Bischoff dong the final chopping in the Springboard competition

The large crowd gathered in Scotch Creek behind The Hub on the Canada Day weekend to watch this year’s Timber Day’s events were treated to two extraordinary opening acts. Jody Evans, who also produces the very successful logger’s show at Grouse Mtn. held every day of the week, performed his stunt high up on a “spar tree,” from which he “fell” while connected to a zip line and lumberjack extraordinaire, Carson Bischoff, “survived” when the outhouse “blew up!” The crowd loved the opening show and they were entranced for all the competition events that followed. Continue reading

When music gets classy – the Shuswap String Orchestra

The giant treble clef public artwork that will soon adorn the front of Shuswap Park Mall is totally fitting, given the huge role that music plays in our community. A good example is the successful Shuswap String Orchestra that has been entertaining audiences since it formed 17 years ago with quality live music that is not often available in much larger communities than ours.

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