Monthly Archives: December 2014

Connecting young people with nature


Lookout along the Larch Hills Traverse during the 2013 summer camp

Nature deficit disorder may be more of a metaphor than a legitimate physiological or psychological condition, however it does describe a growing concern about modern society’s disconnection with nature as time in front of digital devices increases. Fortunately, an organization has formed in the Shuswap to address these concerns by fostering opportunities for young people to experience and learn about our natural environment. The Shuswap Outdoor Learning Foundation was founded in the spring of 2013 and one year later it received charitable status.

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The potential for new trails above Celista

        The old road would just need some clearing for a new trail

The Shuswap Trail Alliance, in conjunction with the CSRD, is always on the lookout for new trail opportunities and the recent mention of the potential for a trail above Celista sparked me into investigating the route. When the Area F Park Plan was first developed it included the option of acquiring a 40-acre parcel called Farrell’s Field. Since then, the CSRD acquired 22 acres of the property, where it now manages a popular outdoor ice rink. Recently, a friend and I explored the old trails in the forest behind the rink and the route between the park and Celista.

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